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  • How to make labels or stickers for labeling machine

    Make a roll of labels or a reel of stikers for labeler use is easy with following guidelines.●Interval between two labels: 2-3mm●Gap between label and liner edge: 2mm●To avoid breaking, glassine paper is suggested as the lin...... More>

  • How can I buy the labeling machines?

    Welcome to Longhai, welcome to your inquiry.Kindly inform us your details like products dimension, shape, lalel length and width, material, transparent or not, pressure sensitive or self-adhensive or not, production quantity...... More>

  • Hong long is the warranty of the labeling machine?

    Please open the wood case when you receive the machine, inspect the labeling system for damage. If you see any damage, please notify the shipping company and Longhai company before setting the labeler up and using it.Always ...... More>

  • What's the payment terms?

    General speaking, we request full payment in davance for stander labeling machines. Because those designs of stander machines are simple and matured, easy to use and maintain.For customized labeling machines, we accept 30% d...... More>

  • How to extend the life of machine?

    Firstly, clean the dust and sundries around the machine regularly, at least once a week. Secondly, periodically applying some lubricating oils is necessary to keep motion smoothly and enhance the efficiency.Thirdly, Eve...... More>

  • Why the labels can not be dispensed?

    Sometimes you may find that the machine stops dispensing the labels when you are using. Please follow below checking to find out the problems:Step 1, check U type sensor. Maybe it can not detect the labels pass by, re-set th...... More>

  • Why there is bubbles or creases inside or on labels?

    Firstly, adjust tamp head or tamper, keep it parallel with the bottles to force the label evenlySecondly, the speeds of dispensing, conveying and tamper do not match each others, normally dispensing speed is faster, adj...... More>

  • Is one labeling machine compatible with flat and round bottles labeling system?

    Question: I want to labeling flat and round bottles by one labeling machine, some company said these two kinds of  bottles can be labeled simultaneously and price is not high.Answer: If you choose full automatic labelin...... More>

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