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Plane labeling machine

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Plane labeling machine

  • Title:LH1103 full automatic labeler for flat surface

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  • date:2015/10/23 13:20:54

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LH1103 full automatic labeler is designed for wipe-on labeling, suitable for flat products, applicable for food, cosmetic, electronics, metal, plastic, diary chemical, pharmaceutical industries, etc. 


● Full automatic,smart control, no object,no labeling.

● Powerful performance:labeling different sizes of regular flats.

● High precision and stability:PLC control system, stepping motor drives,photoelectric sensor detects.

● Variable speed belt conveyor with variable drive motor.

● Colorful touch screen, English display, convenient operating interface.

● Can store 50 kinds of labeling data, easy to shift different products,no need to re-set.

● Stainless steel+ aluminum alloy construction, easy maintenance, durable life.

● Option parts:bar code or date code printer or reader.


 Labeling speed


 Labeling accuracy


 Label size

L)10mm250mm ; (W) 20mm150mm

 Applicable object size 

L)40mm400mm ; (W)40mm200mm ; (H)20mm150mm

 Label reel size 

 OD.:≤φ280mm ; ID.:φ76mm

 Power supply 

 220V/50HZ , 110V/60HZ

  Power consumption

 300W for stepping motor ; 950for induction motor   

 Machine of size

 (L)1600×(W)840×(H)1410 mm

 Net weight 


Application :

● Note book, gift box, protection film, fast food box, remote controller, router, etc.

● Ink cartridge, phone box, blister packing box etc.



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